Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

A large egg that has been boiled includes:

  • Vitamin A: 6% of the RDA
  • Folate: 5% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B5:7% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B12: 9% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B2: 15% of the RDA
  • Phosphorus:9% of the RDA
  • Selenium: 22% of the RDA
  • Eggs also have a good amount of vitamin D and vitamin E. They also contain vitamin K Vitamin B6, calcium, and zinc.

It contains the calories 77, six grams of protein, and 5 grams of healthful fats. Eggs are also a rich source of trace minerals that are vital for good health. Eggs are essentially the best food item. They have a small amount of just about every nutrient that you’ll ever need.

If you can find the chance to purchase eggs that are pastured or enriched with omega-3 and eggs with omega-3 enriched yolks, they’re more beneficial. They have higher levels of omega-3 fats and are more vitamin A and E.

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