The best models of electric cars in 2022

7-Audi e-Tron is the model number

It can be on a single battery charge and drove 446 kWh (kWh) in 95 km. Its greatest speed can accelerate up to 200 Sami.
408-big push with such speed, forward the engine of the car. You can buy electric cars from $100,000 to $70,000. It all depends on when it was and what you are doing to send the kit.

8-Jaguar I-Pace.

810 minutes The charging time of the electric car is twice as long as the others, which makes this model less interesting. It works with an engine power of 90 kW 400. l. battery themes * the ability to fly 470 hours for a distance of kilometers. At a speed of 200 km / h, the car develops the speed of the most. It was the first electric car model with Jaguar Land Rover. You know that this electric car is cheap prices, in other countries of the former Soviet Union it depends on the type of vehicle. $75,000 is possible for 7 new electric vehicles.

9 – Porsche Taycan

This model with the best performance in the class was to ride at the same level, if not better. Four sixty-two hundred kilometers is the margin to fully charge an electric car. Moreover, the car can reach a speed of 250 kilometers per hour, it was the biggest sport. 520 minutes to get a full charge. The price of this model will be good. The latest price of a 110,000 Porsche electric car starts at $1.

10. Kia Eggiro

This engine has 204 horsepower, and the recording speed is 167 kilometers per hour. It took 455 kilometers to stock up, and writing a 67.1 kWh battery with a charging time of 630 minutes is the biggest drawback of electric vehicles. Buy Australian dollars at 44.500 he.

In the conditions of the market, every electric car, as it was, and disadvantagesā€¦
So, to get from you, you will need to study well an interesting feature of electric vehicles. A wide range of affordable electric vehicles around the world.

It has been shown that indeed in the world they are more useful than a conventional engine. Because of this drawback, the owner of this electric car himself cannot. A sufficiently charging station is one of the problems, now we are faced with it. Reviews, prices, and technical specifications are all these factors in choosing an electric car.