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The best models of electric cars in 2022

4-TESLA the Model X through its paces.

Models with a large radius are available and make the result. There are two groups of 100 models of kWh batteries that provide their children, but each of them will be a new set.
Long-range wrote 507 kilometers long compared to the results of the work. It is also felt with the engine power increases the speed of 11 kilometers per hour or more. The high price of this version also increase the range. Prices range from $1,000 to $110,000 93 managed.

5-BMW iX3 5th generation.

The biggest car someone accelerates the speed of 200 / the car is equipped with 286 h-Engine power, charging 480 minutes to get it, and to make reserves 440 kilometers to go. The price will be more expensive, longer, and out of its technical data. On the other hand, it is priced from $7,500 in an ex3 BMW with a very 77.


6-Charging six Volvo XC40s at the same time.

Who stands up to 100 / h for 4.9 seconds, this car accelerates. This powerful speed has risen. Even gasoline-powered cars, we’re used to them. Took 495 charges for a minute. Battery general topics written 78 kWh on the other hand, experts indicate that this is a 408-engine with a capacity of 425 kilometers can drive. To buy this model, in Sweden to do, you need at least $ 880,000.