The best models of electric cars in 2022

Recently, the number of electric vehicles on the streets of a big city has increased. Electric cars are more widely distributed among motorists. Gasoline prices have increased by this step.
Asked a lot of questions about the bodies in the electric car to buy, the electric car is which one is better to choose.
Electric Vehicle Faculty of Mathematics highest Rating:
Scales with scales price, results, volume, speed, and efficiency of charging electric vehicles will share the most interesting categories:

Below is a list of the top 10 models. In this list, you will find a label with prices for an electric car at a low prices and high, but powerful technical characteristics.

1-Tesla Model S

476 horsepower engine power of this model. Its greatest speed is 250 kilometers per hour. 420 charging electric cars buy this minute. Charging the car battery with a full reserve of 610 kilometers to go. But keep in mind that the prices are very high. The price is 6 000 USD 61 written in such a car.

2-Much-E Ford Mustang

Behind the 286-horsepower engine, this car is different from the general background. The speed of 180 kilometers per hour due to the engine makes it the largest. Get a full charge of the electric car in 585 minutes. The 98.8 kWh battery can travel 600 kilometers. As in the case of the Testa product, the price of 1,100,000 dollars is written. But there is one warning: as a result of the work. Testa of the head of this team.

3-Mercedes EQC.

Despite the fact that it says the battery is 85 kWh, the charging time is 765 hours per minute, which is the main drawback. On the other hand, it is faster to compensate for this disadvantage at high speed. 180 kWh is the largest power. A 408-horsepower engine and a 417-kilometer backup option will make it a stronger, walkable, electric car from others.


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