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Qualities that a man hates in a woman

There are also qualities that men love in women, there are many qualities that may make men alienate women, and married life may end because of some qualities that you may think are normal, but the man hates them, and can not cope with them, and we will highlight the most important of these qualities to avoid them.

The woman is always complaining:

the man hates the woman who complains all the time and always feels short, and that her life with him lacks a lot, and even with the man’s attempts to please her, she still feels unhappy and that his effort is not enough, and she always meets him with complaints as soon as he enters the house, and most of her conversations are dominated by grumbling and feeling upset and depressed.

Messy woman:

as much as a man likes a woman to take care of herself, he also loves the organized woman who keeps the house tidy and clean, and hates to return from work to find the house in chaos always, and of course the default at times is normal, especially with the presence of small children, but we are talking about the woman who does not make the slightest effort to keep her house clean and take care of it. So, my dear, try to keep the house as much as possible organized and clean.