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Insomnia: tips to end this annoying condition

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Suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders Every night you turn from one side to the other in bed, not being able to sleep Here are some good tips to restore balance and get rid of insomnia:

Consider physical activity

Exercise is good in the morning, but it’s best to sleep well in the afternoon; treat yourself to a regular exercise session. Also expose yourself to natural light to adjust your biological clock, which will promote better sleep when the time comes.

Turn off electronic screens

An hour before bedtime, avoid tablets, smartphones and other screens, to reduce the blue light that stimulates the retina, thus maintaining the pressure of waking up. Also avoid coffee or tea in the afternoon.

Bet me on a relaxing ritual

In the evening, listen to music instead, light a candle or incense … You can also read or ask your husband to massage your feet or back. Nothing like relaxing.Breathe
Try to breathe from the abdomen, which helps to fall asleep. Inhale slowly, exhale slowly, take a break … Start again for 5 minutes. You can also meditate to calm your mind.