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How to stop snoring naturally and permanently

More than 45% of healthy adults experience snoring during sleep, so they want to know how to stop the disorder naturally and permanently.

The task may be difficult, but it is necessary, especially since previous research has revealed that 75% of those who snore stop breathing during sleep, which may increase the risk of heart disease in the future.

Several methods can be used to reduce or stop snoring, including:

sleep on one side

to prevent the tongue from causing a blockage in the throat, such as when sleeping on the back, and if the shift on the side is difficult for you, you can use a pillow placed behind the back.

weight loss

can help stop snoring in those who started having this condition after gaining excess weight.

reduce drinking alcohol

since drinking it even four or five hours before bedtime can make snoring much worse than usual, as alcohol reduces the ability of the muscles in the back of the throat to work.


lack of sleep

can play a big role in increasing snoring, so you should get enough sleep.

opening the nasal passages

through a hot bath or certain treatments can help reduce snoring during sleep.

changing pillows

can also help reduce allergens and dust in the bedroom that are contributing factors to snoring.

drinking water

can stop nasal discharge and make the soft palate which is guaranteed to help stop snoring.

If none of these natural or home remedies are effective, it is necessary to consult a doctor, who may sometimes have to undergo surgery.

It is worth noting that this surgery is also ineffective as snoring can return to its owner after a period of time.

Those who suffer from sleep apnea should undergo long-term treatment, as this condition may be one of the main causes of snoring.