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How to read WhatsApp messages without the sender’s knowledge

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Sometimes we need to read some daily WhatsApp messages, but without the knowledge of the sender, and this is most likely due to the preoccupation of the receiver of messages about the response in the period of receiving the message, so he tries to find a way to read the message and does not appear to the sender.

The work of the application of WhatsApp months in the world of messaging to convert the reading message, which is the “Double marks” that appear in blue when you open the message and read it when the recipient of the message, but how do you read the message without the knowledge of the sender?”

1-you can disable the read receipt feature via WhatsApp Settings:

– Open the “Accounts” page from the application settings.
– Then click on the “privacy” option.
– You have to uncheck “read Italians”.

2-there is another way easier, which is by swiping the phone bar from top to bottom, until you see the text of the message without opening it, and this enables you to read some messages without the need to open the application.

3-if you want to read messages without the knowledge of the senders, you can use WhatsApp in airplane mode and read messages, then close the application and stop the operation of airplane mode.

There is an easy way to know if your message sent to a user via WhatsApp has been read, by seeing the double mark of the message that has reached the recipient and then it turns from Gray to blue with this it has been read.

To find out why some messages don’t reach users even though you’ve been sending them for a while, you can check if someone has blocked you, or check that you don’t have any problems with the internet or phone network.