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Fatigue: 6 tips for quick recovery

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Do you feel constantly tired and frustrated, and the reason is not organic And does this fatigue put restrictions on you, prevents you from doing the things you want and pushes you to give up and rest Here are 6 tips to help you treat fatigue in record time:

Assess your stress

“It may seem simple, but it is necessary. When you’re tired, the first thing to do is ask yourself why”Says general practitioner Adrian shaposh. Make an appointment with yourself to assess your stress. With this quick and easy exercise, you can develop awareness of the causes of fatigue, setting the stage for change.

Get active

There’s rarely something to think about when you’re stressed. However,” exercising is a great way to restore energy, ” says Dr. Adrian shabosh. By strengthening muscles, physical activity lifts you from fatigue. Plus it helps to sleep better.

Put some color on your plate

Eating a balanced diet helps you maintain a healthy weight. But it is also an excellent anti-fatigue weapon. “By choosing the right foods, we provide cells with all the nutrients they need to produce energy,”explains nutritionist Veronique Lias. To avoid wasting your energy, you should also remember to drink throughout the day. Since 65% of our body is water, even mild dehydration leads to fatigue.
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