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Causes of panic attacks when sleeping

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It is not yet clear what causes panic attacks, or why one in 75 people has a chronic condition known as “panic disorder”. The researchers identified key factors that may increase your risk of having a sleep panic attack::


If you have family members with a history of panic attacks or panic disorder, you may be more likely to have panic attacks.


Anxiety is not the same as a panic attack, but the two conditions are closely related, and feeling stressed, exhausted, or very anxious can be a risk factor for a future panic attack.

brain chemistry changes
Hormonal changes or changes caused by medications may affect your brain chemistry, and this may cause panic attacks.

Life events
Disruption in your personal or professional life can cause a great deal of anxiety, and can lead to panic attacks.

previous panic attacks
Fear of having another panic attack can increase anxiety, and this can lead to lack of sleep, increased stress, and an increased risk of having panic attacks again.