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Apple TV comments on battery drain problem in 15.4 update

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Apple announced the release of the latest update iOS 15.4 is an update with many features that comes with the ability to unlock the iPhone using the mask and the completion of direct text and more, however, a few days after its release, many iPhone users began to complain about the battery consumption quickly on their devices after installing the update.

Many users took to the microblogging platform to complain about the same thing, while Apple responded to one tweet saying it was normal for apps and features to adapt to the update.

Users responded: “Thanks for your message! We will be happy to help, it is normal that your apps and features need to be modified for up to 48 hours after the update, let us get you in touch with us via direct message if this is a problem after that time so that we can help you consider this further”.

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And when the user wants to see more help on the battery interface, Apple has also shared a link to the battery support page titled “increase battery life and lifespan”, this page provides tips such as dimming the screen or turning on automatic brightness to extend battery life on iPhone devices.

Users can also activate the low power mode to control battery usage on the device, and not all iPhone users have had battery issues after updating to iOS 15.4.

According to reports in Western media, the iPhone 13 lasted only half a day while the older iPhone 11 dropped 80 percent of its battery charge in 24 hours with two hours of screen time.