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9 Foods to Help You Lose Weight

It’s no secret that weight loss is a matter of simple math. You must eat less calories than what you burn. “Certain foods can help you shed body weight,” says Heather Mangieri, RD, an official spokesperson from the academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, “because they help you feel full longer and help curb cravings.” Certain supplements can boost your metabolism. Take this list with you when you shop at the store: Dark chocolate as well as sausage, nuts and eggs? All of them are on the list.


Cost-effective, filling and adaptable beans are a fantastic sources of protein. Beans are also full of fiber and are slow to digest. This means that you’ll feel fuller longer, which can hinder you from eating more. 2. Soup Begin your meal with one cup of soup and you could find yourself eating less.  The goal is to limit the soup’s calories to between 100 and 150 calories for a serving.