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7 steps to make you happy


Who does not want to be happy, and this is not difficult to achieve if we change the way we think and react to what happens to us in life.

Many psychologists have written about happiness and how to feel it, and have discovered that practices such as compassion, gratitude, positive thinking, meditation, and kindness are not only good for your health and happiness, but also good for your business.

Through his research on what successful and happy people do, Marcel schwants saw that they intended to turn on the happiness feature, focusing on choosing the right mindset, and training their brains to become happier and more optimistic.

Schwants argued that there are seven habits that happy people follow, which will make us jealous if we do not ride the cart and join them, namely:

record of positives

Every morning, over 21 days, record three positives you did or lived the day before. This way you will train yourself to focus on the positives, which will positively affect your degree of optimism.

spend money with shared experiences with others

Studies have shown that spending money with others brings happiness to oneself, better than buying what you love alone.