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7 actions when a woman makes a man enamored with her..

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Everyone may know that the path to a man’s heart is very easy, because most of the time what matters to men primarily is the order of the woman and her femininity and nails and her personal hygiene and of course her exterior. However, what some women may not know is how to maintain the love of a partner despite the long cohabitation and the difficulties of life and daily worries.

From here it is worth mentioning key points in the relationship, away from the woman’s form and outward appearance, that will keep the man forever enamored with her love, and that will also suffice him and completely remove him from the “need” of betrayal.

We offer you from the magazine “donazin” summary of these points and actions, to make the partner enthralled with your love:

Do not make the focus of the relationship based on sex or intimacy: which is a key point in the relationship, because sex with time will lose its glow, and will become a means only. Hence the need for understanding, cohabitation and understanding of minds to test their homogeneity and the extent of adaptation in all life situations.