5 foods that accelerate aging and make you fat

Obesity and aging often occur together. As we age, we consume less calories, our metabolism declines, and people become fat. It’s the same with weight. the person who is overweight looks older and is more uncomfortable.

The process of aging and obesity is caused by genetics, poor habits, the environment and diet. Furthermore, it’s nutrition but not genetics as such, that is the primary aspect that affects health and appearance.

Some foods can cause wrinkles as well as damage to the body and weight gain at an alarming rate. Reduce these food items in your diet, and the result is not going to be delayed! Let’s look at which foods are the most effective and gain weight the most quickly:


assorted-color candies on container

Sugar is tasty it gives you positive energy and good for your mood! But it’s the cost of a lot to purchase it. What is the reason?

Imagine that man has changed over many thousands of years under totally different conditions. The people didn’t even know the term sugar! They had no idea about porridge. The most readily available calories are found in fruits and their carbs are a good match with fiber.

Tell me, would it be pleasant for you to sip glasses of cool water in the scorching heat? Absolutely! What if it’s minus 10 outside and you’re being poured with buckets of ice-cold water? Sugar can cause the same strain on the body.

Collagen is damaged by sugar, and is the main reason for youthful and healthy skin. Sugar is high in calories, speedy and light, and is converted into fat. Sugar can weaken the immune system.

So, try to keep sweets to at a at a minimum. Try substituting as many fruits as you can. It’s not necessary to completely eliminate sugar Start by controlling it and gradually cut down on sweets you consume in your diet.

Margarine,smoked meats, mayonnaise.

Foods that are high in artificial trans fats contain trans fats. The truth is that fatty acids can be beneficial to the body. The skin’s oil protects it, improves hair, and maintains a healthy skin. Through the fatty acids, hormones and cells in the brain are created. However, in trans fats there aren’t any of the key components from which everything else is created. They inhibit the activities in “useful” fatty acids.


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It is true that all alcohol – including beer and wine can cause dehydration. This is why the skin is affected. In the same way alcohol damages the facial skin the most. Alcohol also triggers an increase in cortisol, the stress hormone which is the hormone that causes the body to immediately transfer any calories that are consumed to become fat. Also, be aware that alcohol chemically increases stress, and not reduces it.


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Energy drinks are a combination of elements that can be addictive psychologically. They can give you a temporary boost of energy and, without them, you’ll feel less energetic. However, this effect is not permanent. and you’ll receive a greater boost in energy levels, for instance eating dried fruits with nuts. However, the damage caused by power engineers is hard to overestimate. They’re sugary (with all the negatives of sugar) they destroy enamel and can cause fatigue when the expiration date is over.


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They are also a top source of harmfulness. This is the ideal combination to fill your human body in empty calories, and age it to the maximum extent possible. The chips contain digestible starch with trans fats, a danger of which I have already written in the previous paragraph. Chips are rich in calories, and are harmful to your body, and are a serious blow on the liver. A love affair with chips may, in time, trigger atherosclerosis. Within the United States, atherosclerosis is nowadays a prevalent disease for youngsters. It’s good to know that in Russia at all times they track their nutrition more closely. It appears that Soviet lifestyles and practices have an impact on the condition!

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