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10 qualities a man adores in a woman more than beauty

Good relationships start with mutual attraction, but in the long run they can fail if the couple lacks compatibility.

To find out what men are looking for when they want to enter into a committed relationship, hair beauty listed in its report ten qualities that men adore in a woman more than beauty

Having a sense of adventure

Men love women who live life to the fullest, including being ready for new experiences and not being afraid to take risks, by practicing exciting sports such as kayaking, hiking long distances in the mountains and skydiving, which enhances the attractiveness of women unlike the stereotypical woman.

Ā Understanding women

The presence of disagreements in marital relations is normal, however stubbornness can lead to misery. In fact, men appreciate women who are able to negotiate and find a solution that will satisfy both partners, since faith in the principle of negotiation is especially useful when it comes to such important issues as raising children together.